Senior Impact
June 21st - 26th- 2015

For members, $165 balance due upon departure unless you owe $25 deposit, then your total is $190. And if you owe a $25 late fee, your total is $215. Church is paying $25 on each Waynesboro member. For non members, you total is $215 if paid ontime, and $240 if paying a late fee. If paying by check, please make checks payable to the Waynesboro church of Christ or to Lipscomb University. Please talk to me if you have a concern. Please add by your name in Red.

Impact Itinerary:

Please bring your Impact paperwork and $165 balance with you Monday.
Impact Attendees:

Angie (M)

Greg (L)
Leah (L)

Teen Girls

Tessa (S)
Rachel (L)

Teen Boys

Charlie (L), Dashaun (L)
John Luke

  • *need t-shirt sizes

Parent info:

To Add T-Shirt sizes, do the following:
  1. Left Click on Edit (Top Right)
  2. Type in size inside parenthesis: Ex (XXL)
  3. Highlight the size you typed
  4. Left Click on the T with the palette (Top left)
  5. Left click on the box immediately beside the words Text Color
  6. To the right, left click on the color Red (FF0000)
  7. Left click on Apply Styles
  8. Left click on Save

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T-Shirt Sizes

*Mailing address:
Lipscomb University
One University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204